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Summary: step-by-step instructions for importing the CSV data required for the CAST Imaging.


When you have exported the data from the CAST Analysis Service schema and have a ZIP file, the next step is to import this data into the CAST Imaging. This import process is actioned using the Admin Center and is explained below.

  • Note that only one single Application can be processed at any one time. If you import multiple ZIP files, each ZIP file will be processed in a queue.
  • Import actions can take a long time for very large applications. Please avoid restarting services during an application import - this may cause corruption in the Neo4j database.
  • Please ensure you are aware of the free disk space requirements as detailed in Performance issues - tips, particularly if your application is very large.

Step 1 - Access the Admin Center

To use the Admin Center, your user will need the ADMIN role.

Log in to CAST Imaging and then click the configure icon:

Alternatively, you can browse direct to the following URL (ensure you specify the correct server (change "localhost"):


Or you can use the Admin Center menu option when logged in:

Step 2 - Ensure you have selected the correct tenant (optional)

If you have added additional custom tenants (see Admin Center - Multi tenant panel) then you should ensure that you have selected the correct tenant before you import the application:

Step 3 - Upload the ZIP file

Click the Add button as highlighted:

Upload the ZIP file containing the Application data (see Export the CSV data for information about generating this ZIP). You can either:

  • drag and drop the ZIP file into the square in the middle of the screen
  • or you can use the Import button to browse for the ZIP you require

If the ZIP file is accepted (a check will be done to ensure the ZIP contains the correct data files), the Applications contained in the ZIP (a ZIP can contain more than one Application) will be imported:

On completion, a summary is shown, with an option to view the import logs:

If you would like to view the imported Application, click CAST Imaging in the top left corner of the screen then select the Application in the following screen:

Step 4 - Grant access permission

When you have completed an import of the Application data, you will need to grant access to this data to your users. See Admin Center - Users panel.


Error importing the Application when it already exists

If your import action continually fails when the Application already existing in CAST Imaging, CAST highly recommends deleting the Application from CAST Imaging (see Admin Center - Application management panel) and then re-importing it. Note that deleting the Application will also remove all customization that you have added.

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